Reversi Oneshot Name Cover

Reversi is Ashirogi Muto's newest oneshot. It is a non-mainstream mainstream battle manga with a dark hero, something they have been wanting to do since the Sigma arc of their current manga PCP. Reversi broke the record of votes for a oneshot with 694 votes, beating Eiji Niizuma's Zombie Gun by two votes. Reversi was to going to be serialized in Hissho Jump, but it will take PCP's spot in Weekly Shōnen Jump. It was consistently performing better than Zombie Gun in Weekly Shōnen Jump, except for a few times when Eiji went on the offense, like killing off the protagonist. However, Zombie Gun got many more copies of the first volume, but that was explained as being due to Eiji's previous fame. After a big dilemma, Ashirogi-sensei decided to make it short and good, not a long pillar like they were originally intending.


Two demons II

Schwarz (Right) and Weiss (Left) the dual protagonists in Reversi

Reversi is about a young man, Schwarz, who comes in contact with a demon and gains the power of that demon. With those powers, he is able to transmit his thoughts and ideas into the minds of people he touches. The main character uses this power to make everyone have the same ideas that he has, thinking that if everyone thought like he did, the world would be a better place. The society catches on and the police get involved. A demon of light, Weiss, appears, who is one using the demon's power, but uses it in a opposite way then the anti-hero of the manga, by returning the already brainwashed people back to normal. The two demons are opposing each other over ideology in how to destroy the world. Schwarz's demon wants to engineer humanity's destruction, Weiss' believes humans will destroy themselves without interference. Schwarz and Weiss have their own ideological opposition, though theirs' is over justice and which way is right.



The demon (Behind of Schwarz) looks like Ryuk from Death Note

  • Reversi has some similarities with Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's previous work, with both protagonists being a dark hero, and the demon in Reversi can be considered as a shinigami in Death Note.
  • Schwarz's demon shares a striking resemblance to Ryuk from Death Note.
  • Schwarz and Weiss' names are the German words for black and white respectively.
  • Schwarz and Weiss are both similar to Light Yagami and L from Death Note. Schwarz and Light shares a similar goal, while Weiss and L are trying to stop them.
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