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Road Racer Giri is the new One-shot and Manga made by Shinta Fukuda first appearing in Page 91. Later on, it's adapted into a popular anime series with its own radio show after "Super Readers Love Fest".


Bakuman Series[]

Fukuda drops his series Kiyoshi Knight to work on Road Racer instead. He uses this One-Shot to compete with Ashrogi Muto's PCP, and gets second place in the reader questionare with 268 votes. Yujiro suggests to Shinta that motorcycles appeal to kids who like motorcycles. Yujiro tells Fukuda that he would be best off doing this manga because it is easy to market and sell products for.

Eventually, the series becomes an anime, causing Fukuda to warm up to Yujiro and address him with formalities upon noticing the anime offer. When Niizuma makes it clear that he wants to end Crow, Fukuda is among the mangaka to challenge him, creating new characters to support Giri and making use of the lead color on separate occasions. The former tactic effectively ties with Ashirogi Muto's manipulation of the center color page with the plot of the story in the early votes, surpassing it by a bare margin of the real votes. Nonetheless, neither tactic allows Giri to surpass Crow, which takes first place and is ended by Niizuma.


The series is about a motorcycle racer named Giri who wants to become the best racer. Key to the plot are several bike tricks that Giri uses to surpass the other racers and finish at the top.

Giri's skills with his bike attract the attention of a senior biker, who wears leather clothing even during the summer, and has a crew composed of "a mysterious and rich sponsor, a special engineer and technical advisor, as well as trainers." (Fukuda)


Fukuda dressed as the main character from Road Racer Giri


  • Road Racer Giri came in 14th in the 2nd Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Poll, tying with What God Gave Me...
  • Two seiyuus of the Road Racer Giri anime, Ran Adachi (as Giri) and Shouichi Aragawa (as Buchitobashi), appears briefly in chapters 167-168 as the hosts of "Road Racer Giri Radio" show.