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Takagi and Mashiro working on Run, Daihatsu Tanto!

Run, Daihatsu Tanto! is a gag manga by Ashirogi Muto and their second serialized series. The series was often ranked 12 in Weekly Shonen Jump (although ranking 11 in one chapter). Ashirogi Muto later cancelled the series, concluding it early due to them being unable to surpass Eiji Nizuma with it.


Early sketch for Run, Daihatsu Tanto!


It's about an elementary schooler, Daihatsu Tanto, the grandson of crazy inventor Daihatsu Meijin. Meijin "accidently" makes a new (and strange) machine in each chapter that his grandson uses, (usually for mischief) but nothing works well, and each invention is ultimately confiscated by Tanto's teacher, whom his grandfather is in love with.


While initially Run, Daihatsu Tanto! runs rather well, Takagi's ineptitude for gags quickly made him run out of ideas and turning the manga's comedy stale. Soon afterwards the manga constantly ranks below the top ten, so Mashiro decides to conclude the manga despite Sasaki's disapproval, due its inability to compete with Eiji's Crow or Iwase's +Natural. However, Sasaki challenges Ashirogi Muto with their goal: they may continue writing for Jump, but only if they can beat Nizuma. Failure to do so would result in the permanent rejection of Ashirogi Muto from Weekly Shōnen Jump.


  • The teacher resembles Yuriko Aoki, a mangaka who Takagi conversed with for references for the Tanto and who had a slight crush on him.
  • Takagi had the end of the series planned out from the beginning, as gags were hard for him.
  • Relating to the above, the two main reasons for Ashirogi Muto duo to drop this manga are: 1. Takagi's not very good at gags, so he quickly run out of ideas. 2. The manga's good enough for a long-running series, but not to reach the top poll list and beat Eiji Niizuma: one of the main goals for Mashiro and Takagi. These lack of ineptitude with gags and not sharing their vision, lead to Ashirogi Muto's cancelling the manga early.