Ryu Shizuka (born August 4, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan), starts entering the manga industry as an eighteen-year-old entering the Treasure Award that was judged by Niizuma Eiji. He later drew a dark manga series called True Human, and was about to be the competition for Ashirogi Muto's KTM, but KTM didn't get serialized. True Human is the manga that Shizuka is currently working on.


Shizuka has black eyes and shorter black hair. He has a serious face all the time. He wears a black sweater. He wears large glasses. He stands hunched over.


Shizuka has a very sensitive personality, and usually sticks to things at his own pace. He has social anxiety disorder, not liking to leave his house and having a hard time presenting his manga to the editors, prefering to talk to his editor Yamahisa over the internet. When talking to Yamahisa he discusses being serialized like a game. According to Yamahisa, his mother says that he has been a recluse since 8th grade and he doesn't like being called a recluse. He has very little confidence, as such when he win something, he is very happy, but if he loses or is admonished, he grows extremely angry, as shown when Shizuka was attempting to praise himself, his editor Yamahisa tried to state, his achievement was not a big deal, Shizuka shown a face that frighted Yamahisa.

Later, Shizuka shows a preference for cabaret clubs after being invited to one by Yamahisa, and becomes addicted to them in much the same way that he did to video games.


Eiji's Judging for Jump

Shizuka was first mentioned whenever he entered his one-shot manga, Shapon, to a contest that Eiji was judging in Jump called Treasure. He got second place, with Eiji's comment being, "Pretty Interesting", but the main reason he only got second place was because Ashirogi Muto entered into Treasure, too, and Eiji was basically their biggest fan then, saying their manga, Future Watch, was "Very Interesting!!", with a flower around their number in the poll


  • "Shizuka" in japanese means "quiet" reflecting on Ryu being a recluse.
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