Shinta Fukuda (Born July 27, 1990 in Hiroshima-ken, Japan), is a main supporting character in Bakuman. He is a fellow mangaka and the founder of Team Fukuda. He left home after high school. He worked as an assistant to Eiji Niizuma for Crow, then worked on his own manga Kiyoshi Knight. Currently he works on the manga Road Racer. His editor is Yujiro.


Fukuda has long white hair. He is always wearing a beanie, watchcap or bonnet of some kind. He mostly wears white clothes.



Fukuda in color

Fukuda is rash, and often seems fueled by his emotional swings. He's very competitive, and enjoys the competition between him, Ashirogi, Eiji, and Nakai. Along with all of this, he's also rather conceited, but at the end of the day is a very good friend (and rival).


Editing Crow Chapter 5

Fukuda, with Mashiro, help Niizuma with chapter five of Crow. He tells him about the meetings he should be having with Yujiro. He then tells him he has to do names, even if he doesn't like them. They want Niizuma to think of the readers. Niizuma then decides to do a cliché. He then does the name for it, and it turns out much better. Before Fukuda leaves, he tells him to stop doing backgrounds and effects, and leave it to them.

Golden Future Cup

Fukuda participated in the Golden Future Cup with his manga Kiyoshi Knight. It was in Jump first because it was thought to be number one with the readers. When Koogy announces his manga will be in the Golden Future Cup, Fukuda calls Mashiro, who brings Takagi, and Nakai to Shueisha to complain about it. Fukuda complains to Yujiro, but Mashiro says he will beat Koogy with his manga.

Fukuda then holds a meeting with the group, Niizuma, and Aoki Ko to read each

Fukuda as Road Racer Giri.

other's manuscripts. However, Aoki refuses on claims that hers' was the best, which leads to Fukuda deriding hers' as the least. Niizuma then decides who's was the best, claiming that two will tie for first and the other will get third, referring to Kiyoshi Knight and Detective Trap and Hideout Door respectively, which proves to be true in the actual results. However, Kiyoshi Knight didn't become serialized because it was better as a one-shot.

After New Years Party

After the New Years Party, Fukuda tries to tell Nakai to forget about Aoki. When Nakai is outside drawing outside Aoki's window, Fukuda tries to bring him back. He watches him to make sure he is okay, and Mashiro calls Fukuda to make sure Nakai is okay. When the snowstorm hits, Fukuda, along with Mashiro, Takagi, and Miyoshi Kaya, try to stop Nakai from freezing to death. They get there, only to find Aoki putting an umbrella over Nakai. She tells him it was her, and not his drawings. She then agrees to work with Nakai again.

Creator Strike

Once Fukuda hears of the unfair hiatus of Detective Trap, he, Eiji, and the other members of team Fukuda decide to go on strike and place their series on hiatus in response. Despite the serious trouble that they could receive from their editors, and the risks they put on their series, all stand by the belief that the chief has treated Ashirogi unfairly. They are, however, tricked into completing more chapters after their editors promise to allow Ashirogi's hiatus to end after Mashiro returns from the hospital.

Kiyoshi Knight's Serialiation

Fukuda and yasuoka

Fukuda and Yasuoka, his assistant

Fukuda becomes serialized, quits his job as Niizuma's assistant, and gains a new assistant named Yasuoka. While Kiyoshi Knight outlived Detective Trap and got first place with its chapter, Fukuda often gets a writer's block at multiple points and is unsatisfied with its consistency in the 10th place spot, despite several improvements such as pantie shots and mixed martial arts battle scenes. After hearing about Aoki's trouble with pantie shots and Ishizawa's pornographic methods, Fukuda slams Ishizawa's head into nearby bushes and resolves to teach Aoki how to draw pantie shots, strictly drilling her day and night on how to improve the scenes in her manga. When Yujiro remarks on this new chemistry, Fukuda proclaims angrily that he does not like Aoki, and in fact, hates her, though he does give her rides home on his motorcycle on certain occasions. Despite the relative longevity of Kiyoshi Knight, Fukuda is unsatisfied with the series and concludes it, starting Road Racer GIRI to compete with his rivals.

Road Racer GIRI

Road Racer GIRI gets off to a good start as soon as it is released, though Fukuda frequently remarks that he needs to get people who wouldn't "draw such crappy bikes". Fukuda's Road Racer GIRI higher than PCP on several occasions, maintaining a high ranking that is able to compete with and surpass Niizuma's +Natural. After the Love Fest, in which Fukuda is angry at placing second to last out of seven for his love manga, GIRI receives an anime offer, stunning Fukuda and causing him to gratefully thank Yujiro with formalities.


  • Fukuda said that his favorite manga in Jump now (real life) is To-Love-Ru.
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