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Super Leaders’ Love Fest was a one-shot competition where Team Fukuda and other manga artists competed with each other by writing romance based one-shots. Thanks to this competition, Hiramaru’s one-shot You Can’t Reach Me achieved serialization.


Mashiro's manga for Super Leaders Love's fest

Super Leader’s Fest[]

The competition started out as simply the Super Leader’s Fest, a series of one-shots by successful authors. Four of the participants, Aoki, Ashirogi, Iwase and Niizuma independently decide to write love stories. When the other participants, Arai, Fukuda and Hiramaru, learn of this at the New Year’s party, they, too, decide to write love stories. Sasaki likes the idea and changes the name to Super Leaders’ Love Fest. At Fukuda’s request, he also decides that there should be a popularity poll, turning the series into a competition among the participants.


Out of 1000 votes the results of the popularity poll at the end were:

Position Starting order Title Author Votes
1 2 What God Gave Me... Aoki Ko 259
2 4 You Can't Reach Me Kazuya Hiramaru 188
3 7 Boy E, Girl B Kisaku Arai 172
4 3 “A Brief Time” Ashirogi Muto 114
5 1 “Love Power A to Z” Eiji Niizuma 106
6 6 “Satsuki Yui” Fukuda Shinta 95
7 5 “4teen” Aiko Iwase 66