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The Two Earths (ふたつの地球, Futatsu no chikyū) was a manga one shot by Ashirogi Muto. The Two Earths was their first one shot, having it submitted in the Treasure Award.


The plot is about the notion of two earths, one being a clone of the "true" earth. Unbeknownst to them, the clone earth is an experiment, experimented on by the true earth as a means to predict impending failures within society, such as pollution and wars. The main character's lover had died, but had seen a mysterious woman whom was identical to her. He follows her and finds himself on the true earth, and discovers the existence of the other earth. He also discovers there are many "clones" from the false earth whom are trapped in the true earth as it is not possible to travel back without their true counterparts, and rallies a revolt against the true earth inhabitants. The main character kills his true counterpart. He then discovers that his lover had never died, and was in fact her true counterpart whom had died, thus keeping her trapped there. He and his lover return to the false earth.


Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi enter this for the Treasure Award, first meeting Hattori. He had praised the work for its non-mainstream plot and clever story telling. However, on the negative side, the story has too much narration and the art needed improvement as the characters and backround have similar lining.


  • This is the first one shot by Ashirogi Muto.
  • The Two Earths got 9th in the 1st Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Contest and came in 11th in the 2nd Popularity Contest.