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True Human

True Human is an ongoing dark cult manga series written and illustrated by Ryu Shizuka despite Jump's standards for what is decent enough to be put in the magazine. It later takes a more strange turn for female characters due to Ryu spending time at Hostess Clubs.


The story of True Human is about Humans who have evolved and gotten wings. They view the other humans as insects and judge them based on humanity's past and actions such as polluting water & air, taking the lives of animals for pleasure and massacring each other. They said that "There is no reason why you foolish creatures should be allowed to live"


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According to Moritaka Mashiro the theme is Humanity's Greed just like Muto Ashirogi's own manga KTM.

Serialisation & Debut[]

True Human beat KTM (even though people agreed KTM was more interesting) and was serialised instead of it and then debuted in Issue #47 of Jump appearing on the cover page. It is currently still serialized.