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I would like to thank onemanga [1] because I read this manga on it and got the pictures from it. Since Onemanga no longer provides readable manga, I will most likey be using the website Mangareader. I openly send my thanks to whoever cleaned this wiki up. It looks really amazing. I don't know much about the wikia process, I will be trying to learn it. I've read every chapter of Bakuman (I haven't seen the anime), and I will try to help work on this wiki as soon as I am able. My hopes are to make this wiki the best one, and now this seems very possible.

About me[edit | edit source]

My favorite character in Bakuman is Fukuda. I love all of Obata Takeshi's works, even though he is just the artist. In my opinion he is one of the greatest manga artists. I also love Ohba Tsugumi's Death Note,as well as Bakuman. Obata's two works, Ral Grad and Hello Baby?, are really amazing. If you are a fan of his, you should read these as well.

My contributions[edit | edit source]

I provided the pictures for Akito Takagi, Moritaka Mashiro, Azuki Miho, Fukuda Shinta, Eiji Nizuma, Hiramaru Kazuya,Ashirogi Muto, Hattori,Mashiro and Azuki's Relationship, Koogy, Aoki Yuriko, Nakai, Miyoshi Kaya, Taro Kawaguchi,Miyuki Haruno, Miuro, Yujiro, Iwase Aiko, Yoshida, Ogawa, Takahama, Kato and created the Fukuda, Eji Nizuma, Hiramaru Kazuya, Ashrogi Muto, Hattori, Aoki Yuriko, Nakai, Miyoshi, Taro Kawaguchi,Miyuki Haruno, Miuro, Yujiro, Iwase, Yoshida, Ogawa, Takahama, Kato pages.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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