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About me[]

Hello I'm Cococrash11 the admin of Bakuman Wikia. Also I'll try my best to improve the articles.

The first time I read Bakuman... I don't remember when but what I can tell you is that I thought the story is lame. So out of curiosity I try to force/read myself to read the first 10 chapter to see if I like it. But before you know it. Its very intersting. Because of this manga it led me try to read other Jump manga like Pysren, Kuroko's Basket, Beelzebub, Metallica Metalluca, and Nuraihyon no Mago. What this manga said about intersting is right they pick the best manga to get seralize and they are great.

My favorite pages[]

I think all pages are intersting so no particular favorite.


I'm an admin in those sites. Everyone is welcome to edit there.