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167. Nonsense and a Few Words

I've run out of inspiration for a line as opener. I think I'll just say "Hello."

The chapter begins with a perfect example of how trolls work. They just post stupid and hurtful things online and now they're disrupting Mashiro and Azuki's dream! While Takagi goes apeshit over all this (serisouly, he's freaking out lol), Mashiro has no fucks to give. Blablabla, Hattori still has faith in Azuki's role in Reversi.

Then we see Azuki vs Ririka and Azuki is surpringly chatty. Of course, we already knew that Ririka didn't have the intention to crush Azuki, but she still looked so freakin' cute when she had tears in her eyes.

Blablabla and then the animation company comes over (if anyone knows what the name of the company is, let me know please, we'll…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 14 February 2012

166. Rumors and Articles

New week, new chapter. As promised, new blog x)

It starts off with Shujin quickly figuring out that Miho and Saiko's relation was in danger of being found out. I could understand Ishizawa being an otaku and finding that out, but that Shujin has knowledge in seiyū's, blogs and forums really surprised me. Also, how the hell can you find that particular forum that fast? The internet is huuuuge and Shujin can find it with just a few clicks. I've figured it out... SHUJIN IS AN OTAKU.

Eh, eventually, they contacted their assistant, who reached what's-her-name and got the post deleted. At first, I didn't quite get what the problem was with their relationship being found out (see my previous post), but Shujin's explanation made it clear to me and TH…

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165. Practicing And Charging Up

It's been a long time, right! Well, I'm finally back at the Bakuman Wiki, writing another post (not that anyone's interested but I enjoy it, so shut up!) on the latest chapter.

First things first, thanks you Red Hawk Scans for the marvelous release! I've never heard of that group, but you're doing a good job, so keep it up! Well, this chapter was rewarded with an awesome full colored cover page (both on the WSJ AND the real chapter). We have a little sneak peak at what the Reversi anime would look like, so that's awesome. The colored chapter cover page is what is to be expected by Takeshi Obata, stylish as usual. Plus, Azuki gets a little screen time in the beginning, being cute as always :3. I think it's really cute how she's practicing th…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 3 October 2011

149. Unique Flavor and Theme

Sorry I've been long for some time (damn, I missed 2 chapters), but here is my new blog for chapter 149. Unique Flavor and Theme!

We had to wait some time for this chapter, about a week after the other Shōnen Jump series were released, but the quality of this chapter was exceptionally high (if you didn't notice, than you don't know anything of scanlation).

On the chapter. We get our weekly doses of Bakuman. comedy, with our favorite comic-relief pair: Shujin and Kaya. Some blablabla and Shujin suddenly has an epiphany. And apparently, Kaya is really on the ball (?). We go on to Hattori and Azuma, who we learn that he's actually really sensitive. Hattori is as enthusiastic as always, that cheers everyone up, right? And yet again, we get a conf…

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Bereisgreat Bereisgreat 12 September 2011

146. The Real Fight and Desires

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