Chapter 167
I've run out of inspiration for a line as opener. I think I'll just say "Hello."

The chapter begins with a perfect example of how trolls work. They just post stupid and hurtful things online and now they're disrupting Mashiro and Azuki's dream! While Takagi goes apeshit over all this (serisouly, he's freaking out lol), Mashiro has no fucks to give. Blablabla, Hattori still has faith in Azuki's role in Reversi.

Then we see Azuki vs Ririka and Azuki is surpringly chatty. Of course, we already knew that Ririka didn't have the intention to crush Azuki, but she still looked so freakin' cute when she had tears in her eyes.

Blablabla and then the animation company comes over (if anyone knows what the name of the company is, let me know please, we'll need it on the Wiki). Ashirogi Muto looked nervous (well, they should be). s expected, the director and producer didn't allow Azuki as Naho at that moment, because the rumors that she and Mashiro are dating of course. Expected, but not less sad :(. Following that, Azuki will have no choice but to audition for the role of Naho and win it! Fingers crossed!

Wheeping Fukuda


At the same time, Fukuda beings to discover Mashiro and Azuki's true relationship, with the help of Aoki. Fired up as Fukuda always is, he storms to Road Racer Giri's radio show and announces something that is tyet to be seen... Dum dum duuuuumm. I woner what he will say. It'll be probably something like this: "LISTEN YOU STUPID FUCKTARDS WHO KEEP BASHING MASHIRO AND AZUKI, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR HOLE, BECAUSE MASHIRO AND AZUKI ARE THE PUREST COUPLE I HAVE KNOWN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!" Something like that.
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