So, I have been apart of this wiki for a while now and recently when I began to edit more consistently here, there have been some things that I have wanted to do, but have been unable to do due to not being an admin. Now when this is occurred, I went to the main admin's talk page Cococrash11 and asked to be given admin rights. It was only a while later that I realised that Cococrash11 hasn't made any edits to the wiki since October last year and all requests on his talk page since then have gone unanswered. I thought he was and still believe he is still active, but for one reason or another he has abandoned this wiki. If follow this link: you will see the list of admins for this wiki and according to this Cococrash11 last logged in yesterday, but hasn't edited the wiki since October. The other admin FZeroSkull, hasn't made any edits since September.

I then went to the Wikia Community Central Adoption Page and applied to become an admin. See link here: It was during the time that I waited for a reply that Bereisgreat returned to the wiki and began making frequent edits again. He contacted me and supported my application to become an admin. So this is where we are now. My application to become an admin is on hold until I get the input of some of the other active users here to see if they are in favor of me taking on the job.

I would like Admin rights so that I can do all the things I want to with this wiki, to fix it up, expand it and really get it going. Here's kind of a brief outline of some of the stuff that I want to do:

  • There are quite a few pages that are just spam or even duplicates of other pages that I would like to delete (most of which already have delete tags).
  • There are many images that have duplicates of the same resolution that like to delete as I don't see a point in having two of the same image.
  • There are many images that have only numbers for names or even have misleading names that I would like to rename.
  • I would also like to edit the Wiki's navigation bar by putting in links to the major pages, such as the volume list and episode guide.
  • I also think I have found a new background image, it is same image, but much clearer and brighter.

I hope you are in support of me taking on the job. Please post your opinions on the matter below.

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