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{{Volume Infobox
|Volume Title = Presentation and Imagination
'''[[File:Bakumanvolume10cover.jpg|thumb|240px|Volume 10 front cover]]Japanese Release Date:''' October 4, 2010
|Image = Bakumanvolume10cover.jpg
|Volume Kanji Title = 表現力と想像力
|Volume Romaji Title = Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku
|Japanese Release Date = October 4, 2010
|Japanese Publisher = [[Shueisha]]
|Volume Number = 10
|Previous Volume = [[Volume 9|Ability and Pride]]
|Next Volume = [[Volume 11|Title and Character Design]]
|English Release Date = April 3, 2012
|English Publisher = Viz Media}}
'''Presentation and Imagination''' (表現力と想像力 ''Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku'') is the tenth volume of the [[Bakuman Series|Bakuman series]], it was released by [[Shueisha]] on October 4, 2010 in Japan and will be released by Viz Media on April 3, 2012 in English.
==Volume Cover Characters==
'''English Release Date:''' Not announced
*[[Moritaka Mashiro]]
*[[Akito Takagi]]
==Characters Introduced==
'''Characters Introduced:'''
==Stories Introduced==
*[[True Human]]
*[[How To Make Delicious Gyoza]]
*[[Perfect Crime Party]] (then Perfect Crime Club)
'''Stories Introduced:'''
*Chapter 80: [[Appearance and Greetings]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">見ためと挨拶 ''Mitame to Aisatsu''</span>)
Chapter 080: Appearance and Greetings
*Chapter 81: [[Adventure and Persuasion]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">冒険と口説き ''Bōken to Kudoki''</span>)
*Chapter 82: [[Hints and Best]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">ヒントとベスト ''Hinto to Besuto''</span>)
*Chapter 83: [[Spying and Next Time]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">スパイと次回 ''Supai to Jikai''</span>)
*Chapter 84: [[One Piece Dress and Surprise]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">ワンピースとサプライズ ''Wanpīsu to Sapuraizu''</span>)
*Chapter 85: [[The Perfect Crime and First Hurdle]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">完全犯罪と第一関門 ''Kanzen Hanzai to Daiichi Kanmon''</span>)
*Chapter 86: [[Win and Lose]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">勝ちと負け ''Kachi to Make''</span>)
*Chapter 87: [[Cake and Formidable Enemies]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">ケーキと強敵 ''Kēki to Kyōteki''</span>)
*Chapter 88: [[Presentation and Imagination]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">表現力と想像力 ''Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku''</span>)
Chapter 081: Adventure and Persuasion
Chapter 082: Hints and Best
Chapter 083: Spying and Next Time
Chapter 084: One Piece Dress and Surprise
Chapter 085: The Perfect Crime and the First Hurdle
Chapter 086: Win and Lose
Chapter 087: Cake and Powerfull Enemy
Chapter 088: Expressive Power and Imaginative Power
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