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==[[File:Bakumanvolume10cover.jpg|thumb|240px|Volume 10 front cover]]Statistics==
'''Japanese Release Date:''' October 4, 2010
'''[[File:Bakumanvolume10cover.jpg|thumb|240px|Volume 10 front cover]]Japanese Release Date:''' October 4, 2010
'''English Release Date:''' Not announced
'''English Release Date:''' Not announced

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Volume 10 front cover

Japanese Release Date: October 4, 2010

English Release Date: Not announced

Characters Introduced:


Stories Introduced:


Chapter 080: Appearance and Greetings

Chapter 081: Adventure and Persuasion

Chapter 082: Hints and Best

Chapter 083: Spying and Next Time

Chapter 084: One Piece Dress and Surprise

Chapter 085: The Perfect Crime and the First Hurdle

Chapter 086: Win and Lose

Chapter 087: Cake and Powerfull Enemy

Chapter 088: Expressive Power and Imaginative Power

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