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{{Volume Infobox
'''[[File:9784088701646.jpg|thumb|240px|Volume 11 cover]]'''
|Volume Title = Title and Character Design
|Image = Bakuman Volume 11 Cover.jpg
'''Japanese Release Date:''' December 29, 2010
|Volume Kanji Title = タイトルとキャラデザ
|Volume Romaji Title = Taitoru to Kyaradeza
|Japanese Release Date = December 29, 2010
|Japanese Publisher = [[Shueisha]]
|Volume Number = 11
|Previous Volume = [[Volume 10|Presentation and Imagination]]
|Next Volume = [[Volume 12|Artist and Manga Artist]]
|English Release Date = June 5, 2012
|English Publisher = Viz Media}}
'''Title and Character Design''' (タイトルとキャラデザ, ''Taitoru to Kyaradeza'') is the eleventh volume of the [[Bakuman Series|Bakuman series]], it was released by [[Shueisha]] on December 29, 2010 in Japan and by Viz Media on June 5, 2012 in English.
==Volume Cover Characters==
'''English Release Date:''' Not announced
*[[Eiji Niizuma]]
*[[Aiko Iwase]]
==Characters Introduced==
'''Characters Introduced:'''
*[[Shuji Moriya]]
*[[Shun Shiratori]]
==Stories Introduced==
*[[Road Racer Giri]]
*[[Seigi no Mikata]]
*[[Space Yellow Gate]]
*[[How's My Shoot?]]
'''Stories Introduced:'''
*Chapter 89: [[Title and Character Design]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">タイトルとキャラデザ ''Taitoru to Kyaradeza''</span>)
*Chapter 089: Title and Character Design
*Chapter 90: [[Art and Product]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">芸術と商品 ''Geijutsu to Shōhin''</span>)
*Chapter 91: [[Votes and Charts]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">票と表 ''Hyō to Hyō''</span>)
*Chapter 92: [[Disposition and Decision]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">意地と決断 ''Iji to Ketsudan''</span>)
*Chapter 93: [[Center and Strongest]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">中央と最強 ''Chūō to Saikyō''</span>)
*Chapter 94: [[Tea and Chiaroscuro]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">お茶と明暗 ''Ocha to Meian''</span>)
*Chapter 95: [[Every Night and Partnership]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">毎晩と合体 ''Maiban to Gattai''</span>)
*Chapter 96: [[4th Place Votes and Series]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">4位票とシリーズ ''Yon'i-hyō to Shirīzu''</span>)
*Chapter 97: [[Last and Password]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">ラストと暗号 ''Rasuto to Angō''</span>)
*Chapter 090: Art and Product
*Chapter 091: Votes and Charts
*Chapter 092: Disposition and Decision
*Chapter 093: Center and Strongest
*Chapter 094: Tea and Chiaroscuro
*Chapter 095: Every Night and Partnership
*Chapter 096: 4th Place Votes and Series
*Chapter 097: Last and Password
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