Newcomers and Veterans (新人とベテラン, Shinjin to Beteran) is the sixteenth volume of the Bakuman series, it was released by Shueisha on January 4, 2012, in Japan.

Characters Introduced


Stories Introduced


  • Chapter 134: Running Solo and Slow Footedness (独走と鈍足 Dokusō to Donsoku)
  • Chapter 135: Succession and Interference (連続と阻止 Renzoku to Soshi)
  • Chapter 136: Extensions and Countermeasures (伸びしろと対抗策 Nobishiro to Taikōsaku)
  • Chapter 137: Lead Color and Center Color (巻頭カラーとセンターカラー Kantō Karā to Sentā Karā)
  • Chapter 138: Power and Idea (迫力とアイディア Hakuryoku to Aidia)
  • Chapter 139: Final Chapter and Comments (最終話とコメント Saishūwa to Komento)
  • Chapter 140: Limits and Phoenix (限界と火の鳥 Genkai to Hi no Tori)
  • Chapter 141: Age and Achievements (年齢と実績 Nenrei to Jisseki)
  • Chapter 142: Newcomers and Veterans (新人とベテラン Shinjin to Beteran)


It sold over 340,000 copies in just its first week.

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