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{{Volume Infobox
[[File:Bakumanvolume9cover.jpg|thumb|Volume 9 front cover]]
|Volume Title = Ability and Pride
|Image = Bakumanvolume9cover.jpg
'''Japanese Release Date:''' August 9, 2010
|Volume Kanji Title = 才能とプライド
|Volume Romaji Title = Sainō to Puraido
|Japanese Release Date = August 4, 2010
|Japanese Publisher = [[Shueisha]]
|Volume Number = 9
|Previous Volume = [[Volume 8|Panchira and Saviour]]
|Next Volume = [[Volume 10|Presentation and Imagination]]
|English Release Date = February 7, 2012
|English Publisher = Viz Media}}
'''Ability and Pride''' (才能とプライド ''Sainō to Puraido'') is the ninth volume of the [[Bakuman Series|Bakuman series]], it was released by [[Shueisha]] on August 9, 2010 in Japan and by Viz Media on February 7, 2012 in English.
==Volume Cover Character==
'''English Release Date:''' Not announced
*[[Aoki Yuriko]]
==Characters Introduced==
'''Characters Introduced:'''
*[[Ryu Shizuka]]
*[[Yosshi Miyoshi]]
*[[Kaya's Mother]]
*[[Ichiriki Orihara]]
==Stories Introduced==
[[Ryu Shizuka]]
[[Yosshi Miyoshi]] & Kaya's mother
*Chapter 71: [[Ability and Pride]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">才能とプライド ''Sainō to Puraido''</span>)
*Chapter 72: [[Complaints and a Roar]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">文句と一喝 ''Monku to Ikkatsu''</span>)
*Chapter 73: [[Fate and Stars]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">縁と星 ''En to Hoshi''</span>)
*Chapter 74: [[Classmates and Conflict]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">同級生と闘争心 ''Dōkyūsei to Tōsōshin''</span>)
*Chapter 75: [[A New Home and a New Series]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">新居と新連載 ''Shinkyo to Shinrensai''</span>)
*Chapter 76: [[A Gag and a Message]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">決めギャグとメッセージ ''Kime Gyagu to Messēji''</span>)
*Chapter 77: [[Love and Rejection]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">大好きと否定 ''Daisuki to Hitei''</span>)
*Chapter 78: [[To Quit and Not to Quit]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">やめるとやめない ''Yameru to Yamenai''</span>)
*Chapter 79: [[Selfishness and Advice]] (<span style="font-weight: normal">わがままとアドバイス ''Wagamama to Adobaisu''</span>)
'''Stories Introduced:'''
*Page 071: Genius and Pride
*Page 072: Complaints and a Roar
*Page 073: Fate and Stars
*Page 074: Classmates and Conflict
*Page 075: A New Home and a New Series
*Page 076: A Gag and a Message
*Page 077: Love and Rejection
*Page 078: To Quit and Not to Quit
*Page 079: Selfishness and Advice
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