Yujiro Hattori (born April 3, 1982, in Kanagawa-ken, Japan) works for Shueisha and is Eiji Nizuma and Shinta Fukuda's editor. He seems somewhat carefree towards his job and doesn't seem to take it seriously enough, allowing Eiji to do whatever he wants most of the time due to Eiji's eccentricities and frequently having to deal with Fukuda's fits of anger. However, he expresses some ambition towards becoming a captain (deputy assistant editor), even though he is concerned with the idea of having edit several ongoing series at a time.

Despite his attempts reign in Eiji, Yujiro doesn't bother with asking for names from Eiji because Eiji's work usually requires very few adjustments. Once Eiji realizes that there is some value in creating them for structure, he begins producing them for Yujiro. Yujiro also initially shows some reluctance towards Fukuda becoming serialized, though Fukuda's stability as a mangaka soon changes Yujiro's mind.

Over time, he openly shows more responsibility and respect for his mangaka and the work that they've done. He is eventually promoted to become a captain in the editing department at Shonen Jump.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yujiro hardly argues with Jump's policies and its then-top mangaka Niizuma, and often enforces both. He often appears as a background character, reiterating thoughts on certain aspects as well as giving other editors suggestions. While initially arrogant towards Akira Hattori,

Yujiro perfer to choose what does best decide not tell Eiji about important detail about questinare and other thing as noted by Fukuda and did not ask for name from Eiji believe that he would do fine without doing name until Nizuma starting to submit name 

Yujiro eventually warms up to him to the point where they meet regularly and exchange ideas as editors.

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Eiji Niizuma[edit | edit source]

Manga artist he is editing

Akira Hattori[edit | edit source]

Rival editor.

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