Yuriko Aoki (Born March 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan), is a main supporting character in Bakuman. She is a manga creator. She worked with Nakai in the Golden Future Cup. Their manga was called Hideout Door. She only came up with the story because her drawings weren't suited for Jump. She used a pen name Aoki Ko. She was going to be working with Makaino Koji. She later works with Nakai again.


Aoki has short brown hair and brown eyes. She has a beauty mark under the corner of her left eye. When she is reading she wears a pair of glasses.


At first Aoki appears haughty, judgmental, and superior, but underneath all of this she is really very timid and shy. In the beginning she thought that men were untrustworthy but as the series goes on this begins to change. She has had a crush on Takagi, Fukuda and (most recently) Hiramaru, whom she has begun dating.


Golden Future Cup

She worked with Nakai on Hideout Door for the Golden Future Cup. She takes part in the meeting, held by Fukuda with Akito Takagi, Moritaka Mashiro, Eiji Niizuma, and Nakai. It was about Koogy's announcement about his manga. They read and were going to discuss each other's manga. Aoki refuses, which leads to Niizuma's opinion on their mangas. He says that Kiyoshi Knight and Detective Trap would tie for first and Hideout Door would get thrid place. His predictions were the exact results.

After New Years Party

When it was announced that she would work with Makaino Koji, Nakai is heartbroken. She tells him that his drawings couldn't convey the world in Hideout Door. To improve his drawings, he draws in front of her window. When there is a snowstorm, She puts an umbrella over him. She says it was her story, not his drawings that was the reason that Hideout Door wasn't serialized. She wants her story to be good enough for his drawings.

Nakai and aoki

Aoki and Nakai

Creator Strike

After the Love Fiesta

She and Hiramaru go out for tea where she agrees to date him officially as long as he continues to write manga.


She came up with the story for Hideout Door. It is about a boy who opens a door to the fairy world. He then has to choose to gain the soul of a fairy and befriend them or die. Her next Manga was A Time of Green Leaves, an echi were she was forced to draw numerous panty shots, which was cancelled prior to the Love Fiesta where she took 1st place with her one shot "What God Gave Me..."; it is likely to be expanded to become her next series.


  • Aoki likes Darjeeling tea, a fruity, floral, astringent black tea.
  • Aoki's specialization in romance manga, along with her experience and popularity with the series, draw a parallel to Kawashita Mizuki, mangaka of Ichigo 100%, Hatsukoi Limited, and Ane Doki.
  • Mashiro once offered by Aida to be Aoki's partner.
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